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Good points regarding investment and income tax, but making money is always good and your net gains will not be that much after depreciation and expenses.

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Adding more salary to the family budget could be a great idea, but it could also boost you into the next income tax bracket, resulting in a higher marginal tax rate and decreasing the overall impact of the extra salary. (In 2016, for married couples filing jointly, income from $75,300 to $151,900 is taxed at 25% for federal.) Additionally, earned income is subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes, which combine for an additional 7.65%. Even though it leaves one spouse bringing home only $27,000 before tax, those $36,000 tax-deferred dollars would bring the family income down to $164,000 — dramatically lowering the amount on which you may be taxed at the 28% federal rate. Are there any other personal finance decisions that can affect your taxable income? Some investment assets, such as bonds or REITs (real estate investment trusts), may generate fully taxable income. Holding these types of assets in tax-exempt or tax-deferred accounts may be beneficial to avoid paying current-year tax rates on the income.

Source: Keep an Eye on Tax Rates When Adding Income – San Antonio Express-News

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