Rental Property Loan Submission (quick)


IF you can answer below questions, our group offers a wide range of loans for the investor. Many are used to payoff hard money loans (including ours –  .

This will quickly analyze loan and determine whether its  full ,alt.doc(bank statement and stated income) or “no ratio” loan- meaning no rent no income , strictly ltv based.





Loan Summary (why the loan, how much, other..short paragraph about the nature and reason for loan) .

Property address:


When purchased :

How much Monies spent on repairs if any:

Purchase price (if purchase transaction) :

Work needed (if any):

Borrower credit if known:

Explanation for negative items , if any  -what does borrower know of credit:


Property income and expenses :

Ren amount :

Taxes (annually) :

Insurance :


Property management fee:

Is property current rented ?


Submission supplement (once we get the preapproval) or you can answer now


Real estate contract (signed)

Borrower application ( (for rehab loans), (for long term rental loans)

**for full and alt documentation loans (2 year tax returns and 3 bank statements)

24 months bank statements for our bank statement program

  • How much is total deposits for 24 months___

Insurance contact

Realtor contact

(for access to property if needed, appraisal, inspection ,other)

Title company contact


Deposit of 750.00 for appraisal  /site visit/ doc prep(paid upon receiving basic terms and approval)





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