Rental property loans – all solutions – Texas and Nationwide

What we need to make a non bank rental property loan (rates from 6%  ) max ltv 75-80% (at max ltvs) loans are in high 6s – 7’s
Original Purchase Price
repair cost
Amount owed
current rent or market (anticipated rent)
property tax
insurance cost
other cost
Several Loan options (non bank ) are available
1. (A+ program)full income  documentation  (up to 80% ltv0
2. (A-)alt doc (24 months bank statements are used for personal income (up to 80% of property  cash flows
3. (A program)No income loans  (property income used and needed but no personal income ) up to 75% LTV
4. (B Loans) No Ratio loans (meaning no personal income , no rental DSCR/ income needed- these
  are based on LTV (usually 70% malx)
Expect rates in 6s  to 7’s with good credit – 680+
We can do loans with credit as low as 500, rate 9-11%) (“last chance” loans
Our loan programs are with non bank funds and small Life insurance companies (very few intermediaries have access to this very flexible solution.
**Note we are hard money lenders and intermediaries for these longer term solutions – “landlord loans”
you can apply  (apply online) menu tab
expect to supply :
bank statements
tax return (unless pure stated)
entity documents
proof of insurance
drivers license
closing statement from recent purchase of property
copy of lease
photos if available.

*** save and apply here on the website above

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